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With her larger than life personality, Stacy takes "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" to a whole new level. She fell in love with performing in high school through musicals and plays but didn't realize she truly had something until she got big laughs at her very first open mic. Right then and there she fell in love with comedy and dove head first into open mics, classes, workshops and booking shows. In May of 2015 she began producing her own monthly show to get a bit of the hosting bug and has been working on her craft in all areas ever since. In October of 2016 she auditioned live for the Burbank comedy festival where the audience selected their favorites and she won a spot into the Burbank Comedy Festival for 2017! In 2018 she was accepted to the Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival in New Orleans. Do not miss out on this fresh and expressive face as she will continue to say what we're all thinking and sometimes too scared to say!

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